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Many photographers who already have their own websites have thought that they could be better but there just was not enough support for them but now that has changed and it has changed because there are now websites which have specifically been designed to support photographers and their websites. It isn’t that these photographers didn’t think that the sites weren’t created good enough because many were it was rather that they were difficult to maintain due to the lack of support offered by WordPress, however, today the the best sites for photographers use My Photo CTO or similar sites and they get all the support they need.

Often when a photographic website is not performing as well as expected, many photographers blame the quality of their website but that may not be the problem. Yes, of course, a website has to be of good quality if it is to perform well as a marketing tool but sometimes the website is not at fault, it is just that the website is not visible online enough. This is the problem with the vast majority of websites, not just photographic sites but there is a solution to this problem and that solution is SEO. SEO is the shortened term for Search Engine Optimization which is a set of strategies especially designed to improve a website’s visibility online.

Professional in SEO strategies either refer to themselves as SEO specialists or perhaps website developers but regardless of the name they go by, they will probably advise the use of keywords, backlinks or PPC, depending on the type of website you have. They may not, however, be so knowledgeable about the best SEO strategies for photographic websites fortunately, the photographic specialists at sites like the one mentioned above are both experts in photography and SEO and so can advise photographers on the best SEO strategies to use as well as assisting them in creating a website and maintaining it.

Probably the biggest misconception that website owners have is that when a relevant search is made online, the person making that search will get to see their site. Why this is a misconception is because when a relevant search is made, the resultant list will feature hundreds of websites and the searcher is only likely to look at the top 3 or 4. This means that yes, a website owner should expect their site to be on that list, and it will be a nut if it is the 100th website on the list, it probably will never be seen. SEO specialists use keywords to ensure that a website is among those top 3 or 4 that will be seen by the searcher and that alone will greatly increase the number of visitors a website gets but they can also add backlinks which are links to the site, placed on other sites which means it becomes more visible to even people not making relevant searches and finally, PPC advertising is another SEO strategy which is often used.

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